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Our job is to help program managers deliver a dynamic ecosystem where members of your community collaborate to address shared needs in impactful and cost-effective ways.

We are in a new era.

Entrepreneurs in the US can start and scale companies anywhere, not just in the traditional cities on the coasts. Many workers, currently employed or seeking employment, will need to upskill or reskill to get ahead. Lifelong learners can obtain a masters degree or short course certificate from innovative colleges and universities located across the globe.

This has resulted in the rapid growth of emerging ecosystems, where programs are being started at universities, corporations, accelerators and innovation hubs to provide entrepreneurs, workers, and learners with the resources they need to succeed.

But while these support organizations have the right vision, they often lack the right tools to effectively manage their program resources at scale.

EKN delivers this capability.

We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve.

- Bill Gates

EKN has solutions that enable organizations to implement, manage, and grow programs that are designed to help individuals and groups find and engage with the resources they need to succeed.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

For university-led entrepreneurship programs that operate with scarce resources or large accelerator programs with offices around the globe, developing, organizing and managing a network of mentors, ventures, and connectors becomes more difficult as programs grow.

With its thoughtful resource management and program administration tools, EKN makes it easier than ever to support new and existing ventures. And because EKN can help track and measure participant progress and program effectiveness, you will have the data needed to secure additional resources, grow your program, and enhance your portfolio returns.

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Workforce Development

Civic, state and national initiatives need real solutions to help stimulate local and regional economies and invigorate communities. With EKN, willing job seekers can easily connect with your network of resources, assisting those with barriers to employment to become well-prepared, gainfully employed and self-sufficient.

Corporations can build leaders at every level by making learning human again. Help your employees define professional development goals and match them with the mentors, coaches or other support resources they need to succeed. And you can keep everyone accountable by gathering feedback and measuring results along the way.


Lifelong Learning

Longer life spans, coupled with a rapid pace of disruption in the workforce driven by technology, will require greater and more consistent re-skilling for both blue- and white-collar workers. In addition to traditional degree granting programs, colleges and universities that want to serve the needs of lifelong learners must also meet the growing demand for short courses, boot camps and professional certificates.

EKN can help innovative colleges and universities implement programs where students engage with their peers, mentors, coaches, and other subject matter experts to exchange ideas and seek out viewpoints from a community of learners gathered from across a campus or around the globe.

There is now a better way for your users to engage, set goals, and receive feedback that is based on the way people work in the real world.


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